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Preview – XRAIL Benelli M2

Preview – XRAIL Benelli M2

The Veep Says to Buy a Shotgun OK, Roger That. The XRAIL Is a High-Speed Rail System You Can Really Vote For.

Wanna Trade Patches?

One fun aspect of a morale patch can be the hidden meaning behind its design,…

Going Hot

Model: Chelsea Klikunas | Photographer: Jorge Nuñez | Gun: Daniel Defense M4 ISR-300 | Sights:…

Preview – Historic Rifle Roots

With Its Past Intertwined with Belgium, Browning, and the Battle of the Bulge, FNH USA Proudly Carries on Its Storied Firearms Heritage

Preview – FN 15 First Look

FN has been making variants of an AR-15 in its South Carolina factory since 1989, which was originally set up in order to fulfill Uncle Sam’s 1976 order for the M240 machine gun.

Preview – FNS™ LongSlide

Competition-Ready Alternative to the G34 or M&P Pro, the FNS™ LongSlide Has Already Notched Up Several Race Wins