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1975 Chevrolet Pickup – Unidentified Fighting Object

1975 Chevrolet Pickup – Unidentified Fighting Object

Would you believe this actually started life as a 1975 Chevrolet ½-ton pickup? We certainly had a hard time wrapping our heads around that…

Offroad 101

And if your plans include using your vehicle to escape an impending disaster, you’d better give some thought as to setting up your ride. This is Offroad 101.

Tips for Buying Trail Running Shoes

While you can run trails in your road shoes, those who want to do more than dabble on dirt should consider investing in some specialty trail shoes.

2011 Ford F-250 – You Are What You Drive

It was only a matter of time before Walding and Hanson teamed up to turn Waldin’s 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty into what he’d previously envisioned.

Toyota Tacoma – War-X-Four

Having served 10 years in the Marine Corps, Chris wasn’t about to spend his deployment pay on some latte-sipping hybrid, but a bugged-out Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Tundra – Miami Vice

While perusing a random web search for “bug-out vehicles” one day, we came across an image of this Toyota Tundra truck…

RECOIL Issue #26

It’s been a while since we’ve covered anything AK-related, so in Issue 26 we turn…

2014 Jeep Rubicon – Green Barage

Since debuting at SEMA 2014, the GBF Jeep Rubicon has been met with much more fanfare than anyone expected. Even from some veterans, including Green Berets.

4-Minute AK Fixes

AKs made for a cheap are fun project guns to tinker with when on a budget and in the comfort of your own home.