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Illustrations By Ced Nocon
Photography By Pat McNamara and Shinnosuke Tanaka

A Former Delta Operator Shows You How to Boost Your Speed and Quickness

In previous issues, we outlined the elements of my Combat Strength Training (CST) system and put together an example of a workout to develop power. This time we will discuss some of the components vital to mobility — and mobility equals survivability!

CST is a performance-based approach to maintaining your combat chassis, and mobility is a critical aspect of it. We break mobility down into speed and quickness. Speed is the rate or swiftness of action in one direction. Quickness is the ability to rapidly change direction without the loss of speed, balance, or body control.

Preview   PT   Flash Bang photo Preview   PT   Flash Bang photo

When it comes to training, combat readiness, being fit, and having a warrior mindset are non-negotiable. You — in fact, we all — live in a world of persistent conflict. We must be our own agents of correction. So take responsibility for yourself, as you cannot always rely on others. We also cannot outperform our own self-image. Being functionally fit and healthy increases confidence. Confidence and performance work hand in hand, so confidence is a true battlefield multiplier.

Last time, we discussed how the work week should be broken down into a strength day, power day, muscular development day, and a speed and quickness day.

When we work, we should work in circuit and in anaerobic chunks at near metabolic threshold to meet an aerobic goal (i.e. working in short explosive durations to where you’re almost about to pass out or throw up). From 35 to 45 minutes is more than enough — if we are working correctly. Our repetitions should be meaningful and performed with conviction.

We should work the combat chassis in all planes of motion and within the complete muscle spectrum range. Whether your combat chassis performs like a Porsche or a Jeep, you can incrementally retrofit it so that it performs more efficiently at near maximum capacity.

Preview   PT   Flash Bang photo

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