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Spring Training: the Stoic Ventures Schedule is Out

Photos courtesy of Point & Shoot Media Works (@pointandshootmediaworks).

The weather’s turning (well, for some of us), so naturally a young man’s fancy turns to…hitting the range. One of the people you might do that with is Mike Lamb of Stoic Ventures. He has at least a half dozen classes coming up fast, from Multi-Gun Movement and Application to Low Light/No Light Pistol and Intro to Precision Rifle, at locations in both Texas and California.

Why should you train with Lamb? Well, partly because he looks like he stepped right out of a Ishirō Honda movie, but mostly because he knows what the hell he’s talking about. He spent many years serving in Marine Corps reconnaissance units as both an enlisted man and an officer, then many more years in what you could call government work. He went on to be a plank owner in Magpul Dynamics and ultimately founded his own training organization.


By the way, Lamb’s new video from Panteao is out too. Check out the trailer below.

You might oughta head to the Stoic Ventures website and subscribe to the big man’s newsletter, if for no more reason than to have access to all the savings codes in there. Stoic Ventures (@stoicventures) is on Facebook at /stoicventures/.

From their website:

All Stoic Training is based upon four core tenets:

1. In a dynamic stress (chaos) situation, we have “control” over only two things: ourselves and our equipment, and that is to a moderate degree. We must learn to master both.

2. As good people, we do not pick the time or place for violence, we must prepare ourselves accordingly.

3. The lessons we teach at Stoic are written in blood: people have paid the ultimate price to give us insight on how we can survive a dire situation. This is how we honor the fallen and wounded every day.

4. Many of the current Military and Law Enforcement standards are geared to the lowest common denominator. We refuse to live or die by that standard, we challenge all of our clients to do the same. Our training breeds a higher standard for all of our clients.

Here are a couple more of Lamb’s videos.

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