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Wanna Trade Patches?

One fun aspect of a morale patch can be the hidden meaning behind its design, a meaning you can decipher only if you’re in the know. Some feature an acronym that stands for a military concept that’s unclear to most civilians. Others are in-jokes that garner chuckles from those who understand it and head-scratching from everyone else. So, this issue’s collection of patches all feature memes of some sort, from the cool to the hilarious.

Make: Bravo Company USA
Patch: BFH (Barrel, Forged, Hammer) Logo Patch
Colorway: black, green, tan (shown)
MSRP: $5
URL: www.bravocompanyusa.com

Make: Spike’s Tactical
Patch: 5.56 Caliber
Colorway: N/A
MSRP: $5
URL: www.spikestactical.com

Make: Mil-Spec Monkey
Patch: Flying Trunk Monkey
Colorway: ACU, desert (shown), MultiCam, SWAT
MSRP: $6
URL: www.milspecmonkey.com

Make: Strike Industries
Patch: Combat Beard Patch
Colorway: black, tan (shown)
MSRP: $4
URL: www.strikeindustries.com

Make: Grey Ghost Gear
Patch: Grey Ghost
Colorway: black, brown (shown)
MSRP: $4
URL: www.greyghostgear.com