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Wanna Trade Patches?

Walk softly and carry a big can. Suppressors help reduce sound signatures, prevent hearing loss, eliminate muzzle flash, and reduce recoil, among other benefits. So, in this edition we take a look at patches from some of the best players in the suppressor game.

Make: Spike’s Tactical
Patch: Spider Cutout
Colorway: black/gray, brown/olive drab, pink/black, red/black (shown)
MSRP: $5
URL: www.spikestactical.com

Make: Advanced Armament Corp.
Patch: Hear No Evil Patch
Colorway: Brown and tan (shown)
MSRP: $6
URL: www.advanced-armament.com

Make: Knight’s Armament
Patch: Text Logo Patch
Colorway: Black, gray, green (shown), tan
MSRP: $5
URL: www.kacgear.com

Make: SureFire
Patch: Logo Patch
Colorway: Tan on olive drab green (shown), red on black
MSRP: $4
URL: www.surefire.com

Patch: Triangle Patch
Colorway: Black on gray, brown on tan (shown), green on black, green on gray
MSRP: $6
URL: www.gem-tech.com