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(Bad to the) Bone Tactical

Bone Tactical is a multi-faceted, small business that, well, seems to do it all. They describe themselves as an organization that specialize in “…security contracting and consulting, weapons development, gear review, strength and conditioning and overland expedition.” If that doesn't sound like they stay busy enough, they support organizations like the International Coalition Against Poaching and administer disabled veteran centered programs (@bone_outdoors). In fact,right now they are working toward establishing a formal organization to take active duty and disabled veterans on guided expeditions and hunts — there's a GoFundMe page up in the meantime.

Though they provide training and consultation, the majority of you RECOIL readers will probably be most interested in their ‘hawks and knives.

Bone Tactical Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks 2

Bone Tactical Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks 7

Bone Tactical Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks 8

As they tell it, to build one of these tools they begin with a “…superior martial arts and Special Operations combat inspired design…” followed by “…thorough precision cutting, precision machining and custom hand finishing.” They say this results in the most advanced, modular and effective large combat tomahawk ever produced.

“Our first priority was to fill the need of military and law enforcement personnel for stronger, more effective, and more versatile tomahawks, breaching tools, defensive weapons, back up blades, and combat knives. Once we have an idea of what weapons and/or tools are lacking for various mission specific roles we come up with several prototype designs for each category. Each prototype is then evaluated for combat effectiveness, modularity, and secondary capabilities as a daily use tool, before it enters the next phase of the design process.”

Completed initial designs are taken to an in-house engineer for drafting into autoCAD, then pushed to a water jet company to cut the blanks and then turned over to the Apache Edge portion of the team for hand finishing. They offer two “levels” of tools for sale to the public. The first is their operator package, described as an entry level, no frills model, the second is a full custom package, which they advise results in a unique, heirloom quality weapon. All are designed by Americans and made in the USA.

Some of their gear reviews and training methodologies are particularly interesting. Here's a shot of some ammunition they used. Presumably it presented a few organic malfunctions!

Bone Tactical Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks 5

Photos courtesy Bone Tactical social media.

You can follow Bone Tactical on Instagram (@bone_tactical) or on Facebook, /masterbigbone.

Find additional information about the other components of Bone Tactical in these places: the work of Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks (@apache_edge_knives) here; Bone Tactical Strength and Conditioning is here (@bone_strength); Bone Tactical Security Contracting & Consulting here. You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel right here. They've recently posted a couple of Women's Self Defense videos but there are others about other topics going further back.

Bone Tactical Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks 6

Bone Tactical Apache Edge Knives and Tomahawks 3

Bone Tactical describes their mission thusly:

Our mission is to use our expertise in security contracting and consulting, weapons development, physical fitness, martial arts, survival, and preparedness to provide information, services, and products to those in need. We are a group of non-permissive environment specialists with different individuals offering a wide array of their respective abilities to the consumer. We specialize in personal security details, close protection, security consulting, and private security for high risk clients. Our research and development team develops cutting edge weapons through our collaborative combat, martial arts, and weapons experience. Bone Tactical Strength & Conditioning offers personalized online training directly from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced certified Strength & Conditioning coaches in the world. The gear reviews and articles you'll read here and on our social media accounts are the product of an outreach program we started for combat disabled veterans. Our gear review program offers disabled veterans something familiar and productive to do with their time while adjusting to civilian life. It also has the added benefit of keeping you up to date on what we're using, and what actually works in the field. If we promote products, they are truly field tested and will work under the harshest conditions. On top of this, our articles keep our followers prepared and informed, offering a multitude of hard-earned information to the general public.

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