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Horsepower, Firepower, Willpower, Tube Socks: EraThr3

What is EraThr3? The 3 creators of the Oregon-based lifestyle/firearm/apparel/knife/cars/WTF company explain it — sorta — in the video below. They describe their mission as “Independent from the start, free to the end,” and manufacture, well…lots of cool stuff.




Says EraThr3,

“EraThr3 “Er-Uh-Three”, represents a way of life, unencumbered by the static. Founded on a creative spirit, open mind, & relentless pursuit of perfection.

They describe the kewl stuffs they sell as,

“Apparel & Hard Goods for the Independent.”

Perhaps just as importantly, they have Tube Sock Tuesday.


EraThr3 has collaborated with (or just spent adrenaline-filled time with) a number of the biggest names in the industry, among them Daniel Winkler, Heirloom Precision, Arizona Arsenal, Clay Millican, Rob Romero, Eric Andersen of AXTS Weapons, Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, Mosi Smith, Sean Senske, Pryce Brown, Sean Duron, PROOF Research, Chief Steven Johnson, Jaymi Ford, Candi Snipes, Billy Cho, Johnny Primo, Combat Flip Flops, Fight Soap, Stickman…well, you get the idea. The name EraThr3 was created when the company's 3 founders realized together they'd “…hit a wall in life.”

Says founder Sheri Johnson,

“It’s us doing what we love, that maybe our previous ventures didn’t allow us to do. We’re back in the garage again…just a little startup company, doing what we love and loving what we do. It’s awesome. What we’re doing embraces the experiences we enjoy.”

EraThr3 – Revel in the Pressure.

You can read some background from when they first got started right here.

“EraThr3 is a lifestyle with a company wrapped around it…it really is all the things we love. Firepower, horsepower, pushing the limits, airplanes, cars, blades and sharp pokey objects, doing epic shit, sushi, good booze, glory, passion, freedom, street bikes, resolve, offroading,  tattooed scandalous women and badassery…” Sheri Johnson

Find them online here or go follow 'em on Instagram, @erathr3.

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