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Range Time: Grey Ghost Precision SIG P320 Barrel

Back in RECOIL #43, we reviewed the first aftermarket Sig Sauer P320/M17 slide available, manufactured by Grey Ghost Precision. At the time of writing, we were hopeful that GGP P320 barrels would be available at publication time. While we were off by a couple of months, we weren't that far off.

And the big reason we were looking forward to this is all about silencers.

The short story is is that the P320 is hard to suppress without constant malfunctions, for the long story (and some solutions) see our piece from Issue 43. At the time we found the combination of a Griffin Armament threaded barrel and a GGP slide produced the most consistent results. That is, until GGP dropped their threaded barrels at SHOT Show 2020.

We had our choice between the longer M17 barrel and the shorter M18, but since we've already modified several M17/P320 barrels for suppressed use at this point we went with the stubby. In order to test the GGP barrel we hit the range with both a factory P320C slide and a GGP M18 slide, along with a SilencerCo barrel and the new GGP.

Ammunition used was 115gr WWB, Magtech 147gr, and Federal Syntech 150gr. In an attempt to avoid a throwback to the 1990s we decided against any recoil spring fuckery and thaumaturgy.

Oh yeah, and also eight pistol silencers. Because today is all about testing silencer operation.

For our subjective results we'll say this: the Surefire Ryder 9-Ti2 has excellent tone, and the Torrent Suppressors T9k was our favorite M18 host overall regarding the balance of sound and length.

While normally testing is a long [and quite boring] process, this session went rather easily because absolutely nothing was consistent except for the Grey Ghost Precision slide and barrel combination. Everything else was intermittent at best. For sure, if you have an OEM setup at some point you'll be able to come up with the right combination of ammunition, spring, and suppressor, but no such muckymuck is required here. It just runs.

We're decades beyond the 90s, it's about time.

[The GGP M17/M18 barrels with be available soon here]

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