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When SHTF, Know What Plants You Can Eat…and Shouldn’t

When SHTF, Know What Plants You Can Eat…and Shouldn’t

Whether lost in the woods or fallen out of the sky, you can still survive…

Going Hot

Model: Caitlin J. Wood | Photographer: Jorge Nuñez | Gun: FNH FNS-9

Preview – Kriss Vector – All Business

The Kriss Vector is a modern personal-defense weapon chambered at .45, that utilizes a special firing mechanism that sends the bolt at a downward angle away from the shooter.

Preview – Working With Kydex

Kydex was originally a low-cost alternative to custom-leather holsters. Several companies were established to make custom holsters that were handmade.

Preview – EDC (Every Day Carry)

Everyday carry (EDC) is a mindset about being prepared for the monkey wrenches that life may throw your way, and having the tools on you to deal with them.

Preview – Home Defense Preparation

We all know someone whose home has been violated. We see stories on the news with increasing frequency about families being brutalized by home invaders.

Preview – 5 Tips to better shooting

Whether you just picked up your first pistol or are a ranked Grand Master shooter, it’s always a good idea to review the basics of handgun shooting.

Preview – The Use Of Deadly Force

“Give me your wallet!” Your wife squeezes your hand and you can feel her fear in her tightening grip. You instinctively turn and step back as the second man approaches…