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First Look: Stern Defense RAB-AD

Looking to make your firearm smaller and easier to pack? Does it have a buffer tube? NEW from Stern Defense comes the RAB-AD!

First Look: Holosun P.ID Weaponlights

NEW from Holosun comes a whole range of weapon mounted lights! The P.ID series has 1,000 lumens, 23,000 candela, and rechargeable batteries!

First Look: Hornady 7mm PRC

NEW from Hornady comes the 7mm PRC! Long-action 7mm cartridge with high BC bullets moving at 3,000 FPS. The best PRC yet?

BREAKING NEWS: Bump Stock Ban Stands

BREAKING: Bump stock ban allowed to stand. Is this the end for bump stocks? Are pistol braces next? This and more inside.