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Preview – Shotgun Shuffle

Preview – Shotgun Shuffle

Salient Arms International Beefs up the Mossberg 930 Ever since the days of the blunderbuss…

Preview – Flash Then Bang

Flashlight Techniques With a Handgun Your pistol’s loaded with hollow points, ready to go at…

Preview – Marching Orders

Waterproof Boots Buyer’s Guide As any hiker, camper, soldier, or survivalist can tell you, keeping…

Wanna Trade Patches?

Patches are used to boost morale, show support, or add a touch of humor to…

Preview – Fully Loaded

Griffon Industries G19 Glock pistols are easily among the top two or three most customizable…

Going Hot

Model: Jenny Milstead Photographer: Jorge Nunez Gun: Kriss Vector SDP, EOTech XPS 2-0

Going Hot

Springfield MC Operator 1911 SureFire X300 Weapons Light Wilson Combat 10-Round Magazine

Preview – Transport

“Be Prepared” is the enduring motto of the Boy Scouts, and worthwhile mantra for life, but there are those out there who tend to be a little more prepared than others.

Preview – Noob Tube

The newest single-shot grenade launcher in the U.S. Army’s arsenal, the HK M320, fires low-velocity 40x46mm projectiles such as HE (High-Explosive); AP (Armor-Piercing); and…