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Preview – Surgeon Rifles CSR

Preview – Surgeon Rifles CSR

Brain Surgeon 500-Yard Head-box Shots Prove Boringly Easy With the CSR

Preview – Zeroed In – Rob Leatham

Despite Being a 24-Time USPSA National Shooting Champion, Springfield Armory Team Captain Rob Leatham Stays Humble as He Chases His Most Elusive Mark — Getting Better

Preview – Escape From LA

We’re Not Waiting Until Plutoxin 7 Courses Through Our Veins. We Find Out Now If a Dual-Sport Bike Can Be Our Bug-Out Vehicle.

Preview – Move and Shoot – Dynamic Rifle Skills

It seems that almost everyone and his mother owns an AR-15 these days, and I am often asked what I do when training with my rifle in terms of skill development and drills.

Wanna Trade Patches?

Walk softly and carry a big can. Suppressors help reduce sound signatures, prevent hearing loss,…