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Arthritis Exercises for Shooters

Keeping You on the Range With Exercises Geared Toward Shooters With Arthritis


While it may seem like heresy in a firearms publication, we hold the opinion that…

Neck Knives

Neck knives: dangling at sternum height, this type of accessory is something we’d be glad to model at the nearest gun range, campsite, or dark alley.


Welcome to the first issue of CARNIVORE, in all its bloody glory. Our ancestors have…

Middle-Aged Power Struggle

A Bit Banged Up? An Ex-Navy SEAL Reveals the Mental Concepts to Staying Physically Fit

2011 Toyota Tundra – Biohazard

We love seeing trucks that are built for a purpose, and this 2011 Toyota Tundra fits the zombie outbreak bill. In case of an outbreak, this is what you want.

Long-Range Fitness

Stalking slowly and silently for hours—on all fours, crouched, bent over, then frozen in the prone as we waited for our shot—requires long-range-fitness.

Rally Fighter

When we showed up to check out the Rally Fighter, clouds of burning rubber wafted across the entrance as they took out this personal drift car in the lot.