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The Salvo-12 goes hog hunting

The Salvo-12 goes hog hunting

SilencerCo continues their Salvo 12 series with video from a hog hunt. Check it out.

Product Showcase

Former Navy IED tech Andrew Bottrell gives us the lowdown on his new pistol speedloader that will debut at SHOT 2015.

GEMTECH’s new Blast Jacket

GEMTECH, the Idaho-based manufacturer of suppressors and silencer accessories, has announced the release of their…

Ghosts of History

With Veteran’s Day coming up fast I thought some imagery from Ghosts of History might…

Product Showcase

Dead Air Armament Goes Live

A new suppressor company has hit the scene. What’s significant about this is the involvement…

Words mean things

Words mean things. Words can articulate something precisely, with specificity and context, or they can…