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Awesome Bridge Explosion

A bridge in Italy blows up in the most spectacular fashion.

Underwater Missile Launch

The Russian navy launches a missile, which drops into the ocean first before soaring into the sky.

AH 64 Apache Crash

The pilot of this AH-64 Apache Helicopter lost control shortly after executing a maneuver called "Return to Target" and ended up going on a wild ride. Lucky for all, the crew and everyone on the ground was ok.

Gatling Gun SUV

If you're into having a ridiculous amount of firepower when you're running your holiday errands... check out the brand new Suburban. Built for war, in the desert or in the suburbs...

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky puts on a bi-annual Machine Gun Shoot. Tracers, full-auto and explosions make for one fun night at the range.