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Pistol Reload Methodology with Bill Blowers

Pistol Reload Methodology with Bill Blowers

Coming to you from the Primary and Secondary YouTube Page, Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical…

Product Showcase

SIG SAUER, normally known for their guns, have released a new line of optics we think will be worthy competitors to the sights most of us are more familiar with.

Monday Morning EDC – IRL

This Monday morning is brought you by IRL, translation (for those who don’t #hashtaghashbrown #irl…

Product Showcase

Smoke Em After You Smoke Em

Smoke ’em after you smoke ’em. Gurkha Cigars and Tactical Sh!t to Honor SOF Troops: Gurkha Cigars…

Bastion Field Covers

Are you tired of your field notes getting wet and smudged? You may want to…