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Best Pump-Action Shotgun: Field & Home Defense [2024]

The Best Pump-Action Shotguns for everything from hunting to home defense. A classic tool that still shines in a modern world.

Vehicle Cover & Concealment

Can your car stop bullets? Yes, but also NO. Know where and how to use your vehicle as hard cover.

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1A and 2A combined with the 3D printer revolution has grown into a whole new industry and community of 3D printed guns and accessories.

The Myth of the Gray Man

The Gray Man has been covered before but it is high time to talk about it again. From idea to load-out, we’ll take a deep dive into the gray.

Review: Railed-Up Wilson Combat SFT9

Can the right gun or the right training change your mind about a long held opinion? The Wilson Combat SFT9 was one such gun for us