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Wilson Combat Glock 19 Match Grade Barrel

Wilson Combat Glock 19 Match Grade Barrel

Wilson Combat has released their 4.02″ match grade barrel for the 9mm Glock 19, made from stainless steel.

MUNITIO Tactical 9mm Headphones

MUNITIO has released a new addition to their line of bullet style headphones called Nines….

I Skull AAC Girl

AAC (Advanced Armament Company) has shared some pictures over on their blog of some gals and guys enjoying some range time wearing some of their new Limited Supply AAC Clothing.

Project Honor Camo Spray Kit + Video

LBX Tactical’s new Project Honor Camo Spray Kit is now available. The camo was named after EA’s Project HONOR Program, this program is dedicated to…

Under Armour Tactical Duty Pants

Under Armour (UA) has released its new line of tactical duty pants for the professional. These Pants will add to Under Armour’s line-up of tactical apparel

Andromeda Tactical lighting

Andromeda Tactical Lighting is in the process of gathering funding for their MilSpec lamp on KickStarter. This custom lamp will add some tactical flair to your home or office.

Battle Comp AAC 51T Modification Service

BattleComp now offers a modification service for customers who want an Advanced Armament Company (AAC) 51T/BattleComp Hybrid Compensator.

SKINTH Spartan OG Multitool/EDC Storage

SKINTH (Skinny Sheath Storage Solution) has released the new Spartan line of sheaths for multitool and EDC (Every Day Carry) items.

TNVC Torch PRO Extreme Distance Illuminator

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) has released their new Torch PRO extreme distance illuminator. The new Torch PRO is bursting at the seems…

Defiance HPS For KRISS Vector

Defiance High Precision Silencers (HPS) are now available for the KRISS Vector family of firearms. The Defiance HPS 4GSK Cal .45ACP has been carefully engineered…