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This article originally appeared in RECOIL Issue 42

We thought it looked tall, too. But, once behind the FAST-mounted Aimpoint, the heads-up posture made a lot of sense. The optic is perched high enough that there’s room for Unity to put a set of backup sights in the body that line up with standard M4-height irons. The 2.26-inch sight height is 1/3-inch taller than 1.93-inch “tall” optic mounts. The Micro Mount works with any optic with an Aimpoint mounting footprint. It’s shown paired with the FAST FTC Magnifier Mount ($198). Instead of folding to the side, the FTC stays in-line with the rifle and folds up and down, reducing the risk of equipment snags. There’s no lock to move the magnifier, but a strong detent instead. It’s compatible with Aimpoint and EOTech 3x magnifiers. The duo is a slick carbine setup, and it’s just the tip of Unity’s new optic mount line that also includes an EOTech XPS mount and accessory offset irons.

Make: Unity Tactical
Model: FAST Micro Mount & FAST FTC Magnifier Mount
Reticle Height: 2.26 inches
Weight: 3 ounces
MSRP: $169/$198

Echo Arms

Mounting stuff on most helmets is, at best, a pain in the ass. It seems there’s no end to the list of highly specialized interfaces and doodads needed to mate accessory to noggin. But, Echo Arms changes that with a dead simple approach that’s relatively inexpensive. Its Velcro-backed Fast Attach M-LOK plate has a single M-LOK slot. Use it to directly mount M-LOK-compatible gadgets or stick a bit of M-LOK pic rail in there for greater compatibility. Lights, cameras, whatever. If you can’t drill holes in an issued helmet to install a rail system, you can likely get away with sticking a bit of Velcro pile up there. The loop side Velcro on the plate is strong enough to hold a two-cell flashlight easily.

Make: Echo Arms
Model: Fast Attach M-LOK Plate
Measurements: 3.25 x 2 inches
MSRP: $30


The quest for precision rifle stability has largely focused on bags. But Gray Ops takes a different approach, increasing the footprint of the fore-end with its easily attached, multipurpose platform. The AMP Elite plate attaches to any Arca-style rail with either (or both) of its topside dovetail clamps. Use it alone or pair it with any shooting bag to reduce wobble on any barricade that won’t accommodate a bipod.

But wait, there’s more! The bottom of the AMP has its own square dovetail boss to attach it to an Arca-compatible tripod head. Use it alone as a tac-table, or use the topside clamps to run a spotting scope and rangefinder side-by-side. Gray Ops offers its own four-sided Arca plates ($40) for optics and an extended rangefinder adapter ($40) that let you position gear for the most ergonomic use.

Make: GrayOps
Model: AMP ELITE Arca Multi-Plate
Dimensions: 6.75 by 8.5 inches
MSRP: $260

Knight’s Armament Company

While at SHOT, KAC showed us its updated 34mm High Rise scope mount. The new mount has new lines and sheds a few ounces. The 1.93-inch cantilevered mount is the right height to work on AR-15 and AR-10 pattern rifles when running clip-on night vision devices. The mount is compatible with KAC’s forthcoming line of scope ring caps that allow mounting Glock sights and micro red-dot optics.

We also saw KAC’s new M-LOK barricade stop. Typical barricade stops are flat, but Knight’s made this one convex in two dimensions, allowing you to roll your rifle up, down, and side-to-side without breaking contact with the barricade. It’s got a built-in QD; its aggressive teeth stick to wood like glue.

Make: Knight’s Armament Company
Model: 34mm High Rise Extended Eye Relief scope mount and M-LOK Barricade Stop
MSRP: TBD (Approx. $400, mount, $100 stop)


Ops-Core, known for its lightweight combat helmets, has expanded its product line into all sorts of PPE. One interesting addition is its new MK1 aluminum eye pro. The metal frame is nearly indestructible and can be shaped for an exact fit by simply bending the arms. Lens swapping is straightforward. Push the lens out from the back and snap the new lens in from the front. The lens openings are framed with a polymer gasket that holds the lens securely. The current crop of MK1 lenses are all ANSI Z87.1 rated and Ops-Core will offer stronger, ballistic-rated lenses soon.

Make: Ops-Core
Model: MK1 Performance Protective Eyewear
Frame Colors: Black, Tan, Gray, and Green
Lens Tint: Clear, Gray, High Contrast, Laser Dazzle
MSRP: $210


The Kickstand is Q’s no-nonsense step into the bipod market. It’s designed to provide a quickly adaptable and stable platform without adding considerable bulk or weight when it’s not in use. It’s made from carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum and has a reversible base, 45- and 90-degree leg positions, and adjustable cant using a quick-throw lever. The feet are replaceable, and the leg height is adjusted using a twist-lock system that Q says is easier to use than the buttons or levers found on competing brands.

Make: Q LLC
Model: Kickstand Bipod
MSRP: $275 (TBD)


Think of the M:4 Multitool as inexpensive and lightweight insurance for your AR-style rifle. The tool weighs less than half an ounce and takes up barely more space than a house key. If you’ve got a B5 Systems buttstock, swap the existing buttpad with an updated (and included) pad that has a storage cutout for the tool. Carried on the rifle, you’re never without a way to lever a bolt back to clear a bolt override malfunction, tighten a castle nut, or tighten ½-inch nuts commonly found on optic mounts. There’s also a ¼-inch, hollow-ground slotted screwdriver for various screwing and prying operations you might need to perform to get your gear back online.

Make: Multitasker and B5 Systems
Model: M:4 Multitool
Length: 3.9 inches
MSRP: $30

Mayflower Research & Consulting

Tactical alpinism is an uncommon pursuit, so we were intrigued to learn about Mayflower’s purpose-built alpine combat pack. What sets the 30L Alpine apart from other alpine and tactical packs is its specialized feature set. First off, it’s camo, so it’s obviously tactical. Then there’s the attachment points for ice tools and skis, side gear loops that double as haul handles, and straps that secure the pack’s lid while leaving it open to pay out rope while climbing.

To keep the weight down, there isn’t a bunch of obnoxious PALS webbing, but there’s enough to attach optional crampon and helmet carriers. The pack is made from premium X-Pac VX21 water repellant, reinforced sail cloth fabric. For hauling comfort, it’s got and internal frame sheet reinforced with aluminum stays.

Make: Mayflower Research & Consulting
Model: 30L Alpine Pack
Weight: 3.6 pounds
Capacity: 30 liters/1,830 cubic inches
MSRP: $450


Action cams are excellent training and operational tools, but their use is generally limited to after action review. MOHOC’s purpose-built tactical helmet-mounted cameras have been around a tick, but the company just released a new compact system that transmits the camera’s live video feed to any devices up to 650 feet away that are capable of running the MOHOC iOS or Android apps. Set up is simple, and once set up, the camera, transmitter, and receiver all link to each other and work without any more hassle than turning each device on. We tested the units and found they provided clear video with about a ½-second delay.

Model: LASO Live Video Streaming System
Range: Up to 650 feet, line of sight
WEIGHT: 6.6 ounces, per device
MSRP: $499 (camera sold separately, $499)


OTTO’s NoizeBarrier Range SA over-the-ear headset prides itself on delivering crystal-clear audio. It has five sensitivity settings (six, if you count using them turned off) and when cranked up to the highest setting, the user can hear electricity flow through wires. Well, not really, but using them, you’ll have a way-above-average chance of hearing guys breathing heavily while trying to ambush you on the other side of a doorway. Even better, the OTTO’s noise-cancelling circuit ramps the volume down when exposed to loud noises, like gunfire, instead of cutting out completely for a split-second. This makes communicating with team members a heck of a lot easier.

Make: OTTO
Model: NoizeBarrier Range SA
Battery Life: 72 hours, 2 AAA
Noise Reduction: 23dB
MSRP: $399


N-Vision’s new HALO line is evidence that feature-rich, standalone thermal sights don’t have to be giant tumerous growths that turn rifles into heavy, cash-erasing boat anchors. The HALO features a 640×480, 12-micron sensor and a 60Hz display that eliminates funky ghosting and image rolling associated with slower displays. Other endearing HALO features are N-Vision’s proprietary Region of Interest optimization that enhances image clarity at the point of aim and an edge detect mode that draws outlines around heat sources. N-Vision says the HALO can detect targets as far as 1,120 yards, and offers USB output for saving video and stills of your greatest hits.

Make: N-Vision
Model: HALO Thermal Scope
Power Source: 4 CR123 Batteries
MSRP: $5,995

Primary Weapons Systems

We’re not too proud to admit we have a problem, we’re just thankful PWS is here to help. Its new Ratchet Lock buffer tube setup addresses a first world, gun-guy problem: AR buildaholism. The heart of the system is the notched castle nut that locks in position using a spring detent built into the system’s endplate, eliminating the need for traditional staking. The kit includes PWS’s enhanced six-position buffer tube that features lightening cuts, enlarged drain holes, debris clearing channels, and extended retaining pin lips. Taken as a whole, system is an AR upgrade that improves reliability while making it super easy to swap parts for those who can’t leave well enough alone.

Make: Primary Weapons Systems
Model: Ratchet Lock Mod 2 Enhanced Buffer Tube Set
MSRP: $110

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