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Falken JK Recon – Extreme Rock Crawler

Falken JK Recon – Extreme Rock Crawler

A one-of-a-kind Jeep built by Falken Tire Corporation to be an extreme rock crawler and, more importantly for our purposes, serve as a survival vehicle when SHTF.

RECOIL Issue #27

Well, looks like we did it again. Another delicious helping of RECOIL, delivered fresh and…

Ballistics In The Palm of Your Hand

We’re looking at several ballistics apps that run on your smartphone, as well as a couple of standalone devices. Ballistics science meets point and click.

Incoming: New Products

This month in “Incoming” we take a look at 14 new products, covering everything from the Fire 4 Effect AR Armorer Wrench Set to the Falcon 37 HABU.

Wanna Trade Patches?

Whether you’re training to do some PRS matches or want to become the next Carlos Hathcock, take a gander at these really interesting patches and enjoy.

What’s Your Angle

How do you figure out the horizontal distance a bullet will travel for an angled target? Trigonometry! We’ll show you how to hit your target using angles.

American. Made. Blade.

We took a trip to Vortex Optics’ Wisconsin factory to check out one of the few optics made in America, the Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24X50.

Closet Kung Fu

Let’s look at some typical confined-space combative scenarios and the Kung Fu and other martial arts moves that you can use to save your life.