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RECOIL Issue #29

RECOIL Issue #29

By now, 2017’s New Year’s resolutions have already been broken, the festive booze supply has…

RECOIL 29 – New Products

It finally happened. Geissele made a single-stage trigger. We’ve been shooting one since October, and…

Thompson Submachine Gun – Tommy Boy

The Thompson, is legendary. It’s one of the few firearms even the most junior aficionados can identify from a black silhouette.

Are Gunsmiths Screwed?

Many of us think of gunsmiths as shop-dwelling wizards who wield math and machines to repair and customize treasured firearms. But are they manufacturers?

Female Firearms Fitness

There seems to be endless information out there for men on how to increase their range performance, but what about for women in particular?


With winter’s grasp extending across the United States, now is a good time to consider…

What’s Your Angle

How do you figure out the horizontal distance a bullet will travel for an angled target? Trigonometry! We’ll show you how to hit your target using angles.