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Preview – Rifle Optics Basics – Optics 101

Preview – Rifle Optics Basics – Optics 101

When someone first had the epiphany to slap what amounted to a small telescope to the top of a rifle, it changed the way we would shoot forever. No longer was a…

Preview – AK Perfect

Kalashnikov rifles have seen action in just about every conflict, in almost every continent on Earth, since the 1950s. The quintessential Communist Bloc rifle is the AK-47, which was adopted…

Wanna Trade Patches?

Morale Patches have quickly become a part of the fabric of gun enthusiast lifestyle. They…

Going Hot

Limcat Dragon Cat (Custom Gold Finish) CR Speed Super Hi Torque Range Belt Double-Alpha Academy…

Preview – Unusual Suspects

Karambits: Claw-Shaped Blades The karambit has gotten a bad rap in the Western weapons world….