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Prizes at CrossFit Games will include Glocks

Prizes at CrossFit Games will include Glocks

Glock pistols will be among the prizes awarded at this year’s CrossFit Games, and people are…

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Kimber .357 Revolver

Toyota Tacoma – War-X-Four

Having served 10 years in the Marine Corps, Chris wasn’t about to spend his deployment pay on some latte-sipping hybrid, but a bugged-out Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Tundra – Miami Vice

While perusing a random web search for “bug-out vehicles” one day, we came across an image of this Toyota Tundra truck…

RECOIL Issue #26

It’s been a while since we’ve covered anything AK-related, so in Issue 26 we turn…

Product Showcase

2014 Jeep Rubicon – Green Barage

Since debuting at SEMA 2014, the GBF Jeep Rubicon has been met with much more fanfare than anyone expected. Even from some veterans, including Green Berets.