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Alien Gear Line of Ruger Holsters

Alien Gear Line of Ruger Holsters

Alien Gear has come out with a new holster for your M&P Shield and Ruger…

Product Showcase

RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison and CCU co-developer Jedi Master Ken Hackathorn run the new Colt CCU 9mm pistol at the range and discuss.

Bloody Important – Less is More

Bloody Important is a recurring RECOILweb.com series about the oft-overlooked, occasionally even ignored, medical aspect of the responsible…

Math not Myth: Action v Reaction

8 Questions to Ask Yourself About a Police Shooting. Math not Myth: Action v Reaction. Are you thinking critically and objectively, or blindly taking the word of someone whose income, ratings, or popularity is dependent upon sensational headlines and proclamations?

Product Showcase

Introducing Kitanica RSPs

“Calling these new RSPs cargo pants is an insult,” Kitanica says. Introducing Kitanica RSPs. They’re roomy, sport 8 pockets, CORDURA Fabric pocket corner reinforcements, a rear cell phone sleeve, double layered seat and knees and many other features.

Hot Brass – Lidia Porter

Meet Lidia Porter. She’s formerly U.S. Navy, serving as both a Hospital Corpsman and Surgical…