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KDG Scarging Handle and MRO SIDELOK Mount

KDG Scarging Handle and MRO SIDELOK Mount

Kinetic Development Group has released yet another part for the UGG Boot Stock wearing rifle…

Product Showcase

SIG SAUER, normally known for their guns, have released a new line of optics we think will be worthy competitors to the sights most of us are more familiar with.

Back-up Iron Sights Buyer’s Guide

Back-up sights. For every guy who tells us they aren’t needed, there’s somebody else who tells us about the time their brother’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s optic took a bullet and he was forced to use his flip-up sights.

Romance on the Range

Make that range trip a date. So sayeth Mrs. Doyle (Household 6 Actual at Follow…

Unhappy? Try the DPx HIT

*sigh* Some folks didn’t get what they wanted on Christmas. First world problems — the…

Product Showcase