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GunVault AR Rifle Safe Coming in 2017

GunVault AR Rifle Safe Coming in 2017

Kansas City, KS based GunVault told us recently about a safe currently under development for AR…

Product Showcase

RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison and CCU co-developer Jedi Master Ken Hackathorn run the new Colt CCU 9mm pistol at the range and discuss.

Hot Brass: Steph_RN

Stephanie is, as she describes herself, “…just a left handed girl living in a right…

Walther Arms CREED

Fort Smith, AR based Walther Arms, Inc. recently introduced a new pistol. While we await…

Product Showcase

Iowa Gold Star Military Museum

For those in and around the Hawkeye State, or just driving through Iowa on Interstate 80, there’s a must-see museum for military history buffs and firearm enthusiasts alike.

Magda Angel – Going Hot

Check out the beautiful Magda Angel holding an equally beautiful Tavor B16 from IWI US.