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You Can’t Be Completely Safe: Check 360 vs Inbred Range Theater

You Can’t Be Completely Safe: Check 360 vs Inbred Range Theater

Inbred Range Theatrics and Range Artificialities Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives recently took a few…

Product Showcase

Kimber .357 Revolver

Sharps Bros

Sharps Bros: Taking Firearms Design Into the Next Century Photos by Straight 8 You wouldn’t…

Firearm-Branded Knives

Even if you’re not particularly keen on any of the firearm brands represented here, you might find out that firearm-branded knives could fulfill your needs.

Boot Knives

We’re looking at a lineup of boot knives. This type of weapon usually comes as a short, double-edged fixed blade that’s best for thrusting.

Corrosion-Resistant Knives

If you work near the ocean, even with regular maintenance, your knives can still rust in humid or wet conditions – that’s where corrosion-resistant comes in.

Training Knives

In this edition of “Unusual Suspects,” we’ve compiled some quality training knives of various types—with the key being that they’re all replicas of “sharps.”

Flipper Knives

Today we’re focusing on flipper knives — folding knives with a tab that you can push with your index finger to flip open the blade.

Product Showcase