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TOPS Knives Bartender Defender XL

TOPS Knives Bartender Defender XL

Yesterday afternoon TOPS Knives released their final new knife design for 2016: the Ryan Johnson designed…

Product Showcase

RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison and CCU co-developer Jedi Master Ken Hackathorn run the new Colt CCU 9mm pistol at the range and discuss.

Hot Brass: Liberte Austin

In today’s installment of Hot Brass we give you someone who describes herself as “Texas Made,…

Zero DS Electric Bike

Having transport that can operate independent of 21st century infrastructure is certainly appealing, and an electric bike coupled with a solar generating system allows you to do just that.

Product Showcase

DA Hurricane Chest Rig

Direct Action released a new video recently, demonstrating the virtues and features of their DA Hurricane…