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Creedmoor 9mm Ammo Now Available with NAS3 Casings

Creedmoor 9mm Ammo Now Available with NAS3 Casings

In case you haven’t seen them before, NAS3 casings are two-piece affairs that are lighter…

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Kimber .357 Revolver

5 Summer BBQ Guns

Summer is here and for some of us that means grilling season is in full-effect…

Carbon-Fiber Handles

In this issue we take a stab at this Space Age material by looking at the pros and cons of having knives with carbon-fiber handles.

Wharncliffe Blades

You may be wondering what the best blades for self-defense are, if you ask Michael Janich, the answer is simple: a Wharncliffe.

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Fighting Knives

Whether it was to kill prey or to defend against predators, humans first made knives as weapons, so we’re take a closer look at knives for fighting.


Let’s take a closer look at these pocket-openers. Like overly excited male teens, these knife models whip out their pointy ends as soon as you pull them out.