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Carry a Big F’n Gun

Don’t Skimp On the Size of Your Backup Gun

If you carry a gun, you’ve certainly asked yourself, “Why? Maybe it was in the changing room of the department store where you had to go up a pant size to accommodate your EDC pistol.

Perhaps it was in the third hour of your road trip with your gun digging into your hip. If you see yourself as the next YouTube/Instagram/Snapchat star or a card-carrying badass because of the gun on your hip, this article’s not for you. Feel free to stop reading and go work on your sub-second draw.

If you’re a law abiding, Second Amendment-supporting gun toter, then this may be for you. What gun do you consistently carry? For years, I felt that any gun was better than no gun. That’s bullsh*t.

A five-shot J-frame with a few rounds in the tube and a speed strip in your pocket probably won’t sustain the gunfight you’re more likely to encounter in today’s world. Is it better than nothing? Sure. But you can do better.

Read the Stats
The FBI defines an “active shooter incident” as one that results in four or more fatalities. According to those same FBI statistics, mass shootings are on the rise. In the time period from January 2000 to December 2001, there were four active shooter incidents.

Fast-forward to the January 2014 to December 2015 timeframe and that number has risen to more than 40. FBI statistics also show that nearly 40 percent of the shootings from January 2000 to December 2015 were stopped by someone other than law enforcement. Given that the only addresses attacks that take four lives or more, these numbers don’t account for smaller, more concentrated (and random) attacks with lower death tolls.

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Given the media’s myopic focus on horrific mass murders, glory-hungry killers are emboldened to one up previous terror events by pushing for higher and higher body counts.

As a police officer, I’ve always carried a gun off duty to protect my family and myself against criminals. I’ve helped apprehend suspects and intervene on crimes in progress like an armed robbery at the local Dunkin’ Donuts — sacred ground, how dare someone rob a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Since the statistics show that mass shootings are on the rise, the likelihood of actually encountering a threat while out and about is higher than ever. Walking out of the house with the aforementioned five-shot wheel gun and a few rounds bouncing around in your front pocket is half-assed, cop or not.

Ask yourself if the gun you carry every day when you roll out of the house will actually help you should you need to defend yourself during a sustained incident. Once you come to a conclusion of “yes” or “no,” you owe it to yourself to ponder the following questions:
> How many rounds do you carry on you? How will you gain access to spare magazines?
> Is your blaster ready to do work, or have you neglected to maintain your equipment?
> Are your bullets designed to be effective against humans or did you cheap out on ammo?
> Are your sights zeroed? If you carry a Glock, have you upgraded your sights for something that’s better than the factory option?
> Do you have a light on your gun? No? How about in your pocket?

Please tell me you have a light in your pocket. According to the statistics at just my agency, nearly 70 percent of deadly force encounters happen in diminished lighting conditions.

If you can’t see it, you can’t see if it’s a threat. And if it is, you need to be able to see it to put rounds on target to stop the threat. Have a light for crying out loud, even if it’s not on your gun.

The Right Tools for the Job
As responsible gun owners, it’s our duty to pack the appropriate amount of firepower to meet the mission, and every time you leave the house your mission is unknown. You could encounter a dirt bag holding up your favorite Jesus Chicken restaurant. One round to the grape may take care of that situation.

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