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RECOIL is a firearms lifestyle publication for the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue features the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides. RECOIL's gear coverage includes everything from watches and survival equipment to vehicles that appeal to the modern shooter’s lifestyle.

Editorial Standards

At, our foremost commitment is to our audience, surpassing all other considerations, including revenue. Editorial independence is the foundation of our operations and the cornerstone of the trust we share with our readers. Consequently, all editorial decisions are made independently by our team of editors, writers, video producers, freelance writers, and social media managers, without any external interference. Our content remains free from the influence of individuals outside the editorial and content management teams, ensuring integrity and reliability in everything we publish.


Editor in ChiefIain Harrison
Features Editor: Dave Merrill
Senior Editor: Tom Marshall
Editor // Online: David Lane
Managing Editor: Laura Peltakian
Contributing Editor: Steven Kuo

Senior Art Director: Gene Coo
General Manager & Group Publisher: Glen Castle
Network Manager: Tom Marshall


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