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Since our launch, has established itself as a trusted source for firearm and gear reviews. With contributions from esteemed writers and experts, we have built a rich history as a go-to guide for firearms, ammunition, and optics information.

Our editors and writers uphold this tradition today. Having hunted globally, served in the military and law enforcement, taught at gunsmithing schools, and authored definitive books on firearms and shooting, we bring a wealth of expertise to our content. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure we recommend only the best gear, empowering our readers to make informed decisions.

At, we prioritize objective evaluations and maintain editorial independence by avoiding any influence from advertising on our reviews. This commitment to integrity ensures that our readers can trust the information we provide is unbiased and reliable.

How We Test & Review Products

At, we leverage a broad network of subject-matter experts across the U.S. who continuously evaluate gear throughout the year. While each gear test is unique, here's an overview of our process. carefully selects topics central to our brand and audience, focusing on handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, reloading equipment, components, and gun accessories. Our editors and contributors identify specific products based on thorough research, new product launches, category expertise, and firsthand experience. We obtain products for testing by reaching out to manufacturers, making purchases, or using personal equipment.

Though we prioritize hands-on testing whenever possible, not every gear roundup on our platform involves fieldwork. Often, our selections and recommendations are guided by extensive research and interviews with experts, industry professionals, and product designers.

Our testing begins with rigorous evaluations of effectiveness, value, durability, materials, and ease of use, often conducted in realistic and challenging conditions such as hunting trips or shooting competitions. After thorough testing, we select the top products, showcasing the best of the best in gear.