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Gear Head Works One 300BLK Bolt Action Pistol

Just Because You Can

Some of the coolest products come about because someone was tinkering in the workshop, making something purely for their own enjoyment. Such is the case with Gear Head Works’ creation, a stubby little bolt-action pistol called the One.

Do you remember the Remington XP100, first introduced in the ’60s? Based on a 40X action, it was a unique bolt-action pistol that found ardent fans amongst handgun hunters and target shooters. Most variants were single shot, but the XP100-R version had a four-round internal magazine. Remington even developed the 221 Fireball cartridge for it, and it certainly earned its nickname. Like the stock-less AR-15 pistols of old, the XP100 was hardly the easiest gun to shoot effectively.

Gear Head Works is best known for the compact and very rigid Tailhook pistol brace, which like all modern pistol braces have been a revelation when employed on AR-15 pistols and the like, making the clumsy weapons eminently practical without the need for a tax stamp.

Paul Reavis, the founder of Gear Head Works, has a history of dreaming up and constructing unique builds purely for his own amusement. Four years ago, he came across some virgin Remington Model 7 actions, which had yet to be built into rifles. Thus, it occurred to him that he could do a pistol-brace-build with a bolt-action platform. If you have a virgin action, you can elect to make a pistol with it from the get-go, attach a brace, and avoid ending up with an SBR.

Reavis already had some 300BLK bolt-action rifles that he enjoyed shooting and hunting with, but he wanted to make a pistol version that he could fit in a regular-sized backpack and would be a great suppressor host. He started by installing a 12-inch barrel and an MDT LSS chassis, affixing a Tailhook pistol brace with a hinge to fold it on the left side.


But he wanted to make it shorter and lighter, so he put it on a keto diet, courtesy of a Bridgeport mill. He chopped it down and lightened it as much as he could, then cut the barrel to leave the threads protruding just past the handguard. He also swapped the hinge to fold on the right side and cut a hole in the stock tube for the bolt handle. The result was like that family friend whom your parents wanted you to marry — functional, but not particularly attractive. So to attach the Tailhook to the hinge, Reavis machined a custom tube that tapers between the mismatched outer diameters and is hollowed out throughout its entire length to clear the bolt handle when folded. After a bit more tweaking, he put a suppressor on it and had a cool new toy for the range; he took it hog hunting as well.

Reavis enjoyed shooting it, especially suppressed with subsonic ammo. But he hadn’t intended on producing and selling the little pistol. SHOT Show 2018 was approaching, and he wanted another gun to demonstrate the Tailhook pistol brace at his booth that wasn’t a typical AR-15. So he took it to the show. People were so enamored with the little bolt gun at SHOT and at the NRA show in the summer that Gear Head Works decided to put it into production, naming it the One.

Folded, the One is incredibly compact. It fits perfectly and discreetly in the new 5.11 Tactical AMP24 backpack in a gray-man gray color.

Folded, the One is incredibly compact. It fits perfectly and discreetly in the new 5.11 Tactical AMP24 backpack in a gray-man gray color.

The One
We tested the original prototype gun, which was built entirely by hand. The production models will differ in several ways from the gun you see here:

The production gun will be built on Remington Model 700 actions rather than Model 7 actions. A fluted bolt will be optional.

The custom MDT LSS chassis will have M-LOK slots on the sides and bottom, quick detach sling swivel sockets, and additional lightening. It’ll weigh less than a pound stripped, about 6 to 8 ounces less than a standard LSS chassis. The MDT chassis takes AICS-pattern .223 magazines.

  •  The gun will come standard with a non-folding Mod 2 Tailhook brace that telescopes. A fixed Mod 1 Tailhook and folding brace tube (shown here) will be optional and fold to the left rather than right side, by popular demand from customers.
  •  The barrel, chambered in 300BLK, will be 9 inches long versus 8.4 inches on the prototype, with spiral fluting available as an upgrade. Both are threaded 58-24.
  •  The 20MOA scope base will be optional.
  •  The carbon fiber Venom Defense grip will also be optional; the gun will come with a Magpul K grip standard.
  •  The gun will come with a solid Cerakote finish, with various camouflage patterns available as an upgrade. Shown here is ULTerra Camo’s “Fragment” pattern, done by BAM Custom in Tennessee.

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