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HellCat RDP First Look

Who knew that a day would come when the soul of a Roland Special would come in a single package. The Springfield Hellcat RDP builds on the success of its namesake, adding a threaded barrel, compensator, and Hex Micro Red Dot. When the Hellcat entered the scene of micro/sub-compact/smol carry guns with its generous magazine capacity, it was pushing against a headwind of successes by competitors and pushed successfully it did. That success had lead to the development of a new strain of hellacious handguns, drawing inspiration from the aftermarket options that typically top the list while refining a few of the internals of their platform itself.


Starting from the outside, the two distinct additions cannot go unnoticed. First, there's a self-indexing compensator. While in the past, putting a comp on a handgun often turned it into a picky eater as far as ammo goes, some of those problems can be solved in design instead of post-construction. Within the labs and workshops of Springfield, we expect that the anodized aluminum compensator to not merely be an addition to the firearm, but a distinction of the Hellcat RDP.

springfield Hellcat RDP Compensator

Moving back from there, we'll notice that an unfamiliar micro red dot graces the top of the Hellcat RDP. In the background all along Springfield had been working on their own solution to pistol-mounted optics. In conjunction with the release of their new Hex line of MRDS sights, the Hellcat RDP comes complete with the smaller of the two options, the Hex Wasp. Designed to directly mount to a handgun, the Hex Wasp keeps a surprisingly low profile which pairs well with the tritium u-dot sights.

hellcat rdp hex wasp

But not all that glitters on the hellcat shines from the outside. In addition to the external additions of the Springfield Hellcat RDP, the interior of the defensive pistol has undergone some reconsideration. A gen 2 trigger continues to chase the golden throne of ideal micro carry pistols, as the category of handguns has struggled in the past with putting a decent trigger in such a small frame.

hellcat RDP disassembled

Shipping in two configurations, the Hellcat RDP comes either with or without an additional ambidextrous thumb safety for those who want it. Even as the “this is my safety” jokes continue to roll back and forth over deadpan stares and memes, Springfield has chosen to include options for those who prefer an external safety, as well as those who don't.

springfield hellcat rdp

The initial impact of the Hellcat is not lost on the Hellcat RDP, as it includes two magazines. An 11- and 13-round option included gives the owner just a little bit more freedom to choose how they want to carry their handgun.

hellcat rdp magazines

This first look at the Hellcat RDP will surely be followed by a full review, so stay tuned to see what comes of Springfield's assertive project in defensive handguns.

Springfield Hex Wasp


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    i own a hellcat i am looking for a compensator if you guys can help

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