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Hi-Point Name the 9 Contest (But Not Really)

Hi-Point firearms told us back at the 2019 NRAAM that they were “actually going to do a social media piece where you can name our Hi-Point,” see the video here.

We were skeptical, to say the least, as the internet previously named a boat, “Boaty McBoatface.” When the perils of the internet were pointed out, a Hi-Point representative said, “If we were afraid, we still wouldn’t be in business.”

So in early June, 2019, they ran hard with the #NameThe9 hashtag. They even went so far as to tell the world what the most popular names were after the first phase.

“Yeet Cannon” or “YC-9” took the top spot. However, despite it being #1, as so-called Phase 2 dropped neither Yeet Cannon, nor other top-ranked names were among them.

Screenshot of Hi-Point letting their audience know which names were the “most submitted” entries.

Screenshot of Hi-Point informing the audience of which names made it into phase 2.

After much gnashing of teeth, Hi-Point screen shot a piece of their rules which said they can disprove any name. Sure, we get it, but it still smells like bullshit.

None of the top names were racist, classist, or sexist, all of which we would agree with removing–let alone TELLING the world they existed as options in the first place. Hi-Point can name their new pistol whateverthehell they want, but they shouldn’t pretend you actually have a say.

The infamous and always quick-witted social media girl (SMG) from Heckler & Koch took jabs at Hi-Point:

HK even update their website address to

From the reactions on social media, it’s clear the public is upset by Hi-Point’s decision. This series of events has been nothing short of meme-worthy, we look forward to hearing if Hi-Point will address their sham.

More memes from FB; if you have a funny meme, post it on our FB thread about the Yeet Cannon to be included in this post:

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