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Issue 29

Old Idaho Penitentiary

Idaho is not only home to picturesque vacation areas and some of the best freshwater fishing in the country, but is indeed a gun lovers paradise, both in legislation and recreation.

It’s Time the NRA Stopped Acting its Age

Adam Kraut represents the younger attitudes the NRA needs to understand in order to continue to effectively support American firearms owners.

EraThr3 2016 Ford F-150 – Oregon Trail

Those of you familiar with the EraThr3 name know them as a purveyor of boutique guns and goods that’s all about precision and letting freedom ring. Did you know they build vehicles too?

Issue 29 – Wanna Trade Patches?

If the circa-1978 D&D book wasn’t enough to catch your eye, we’re hoping this assortment of patches will engage your interest in the world of fantasy.

RECOIL Issue #29

By now, 2017’s New Year’s resolutions have already been broken, the festive booze supply has…

RECOIL 29 – New Products

It finally happened. Geissele made a single-stage trigger. We’ve been shooting one since October, and…

Thompson Submachine Gun – Tommy Boy

The Thompson, is legendary. It’s one of the few firearms even the most junior aficionados can identify from a black silhouette.