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David Reeder New Contributor to RECOIL

We’re proud to announce the addition of a new contributor to RECOIL, who will be making regular posts covering all things new and shiny in the world of quality kit, as well as anything else that tickles our fancy. David Reeder will be joining RECOIL’s other contributors such as Stickman, Shinnosuke Tanaka, Erik Lund, John Chapman, Len Waldron, Steven Kuo and others.  Right now, he’s sitting on an entrance ramp to I24 trying to hitch a ride to the Blade Show in Atlanta (hey, you have to earn that corporate AMEX round these parts), so if you have a half-eaten burger littering your passenger compartment, don’t be afraid to share it & scratch behind his ear. He likes that. David will be reporting live over the next few days, so if there’s anything sharp & stabby you’d like to see featured here on RECOILWEB, let us know in the comments section.

Reeder has been a freelance writer for approximately 3 years, having written for a number of traditional print and on-line publications. He has contributed to Military.com’s Kit Up! and Under the Radar for the last couple of years and periodically for SOLSYS Group. His articles have appeared in SWAT, SWAT Digest and Tactical Weapons for Law Enforcement as well as US News & World Report.

Reeder enlisted in the USAF/ANG in 1989 and was a traditional ANG Security Policeman, then Security Forces, for approximately ten years, during which time he worked as a civilian LEO, first with a municipal agency and then with a County Sheriff’s Office. He then went active duty as an AGR and eventually served in an ARCv billet as the NCOIC of Operations for the 97TH Security Forces Squadron, Altus AFB OK. While on active duty Reeder maintained his law enforcement credentials as a reserve LEO. He medically retired this year after 24 years. During his military and LE career David worked patrol, training, public affairs, operations and S4/mobility. He spent approximately 10 years as a lead MOUT instructor at the Bold Lightning Urban Warfare School. Between 2002 and the present he has taught both Combat (military) and Tactical (LE) Tracking as a contracted member of Joint Service Combat Tracking MTTs (Mobile Training Team).

David Reeder New Contributor to RECOIL photoDavid Reeder New Contributor to RECOIL photo

David retired after 24 years and continues to teach as time allows. He now freelances full time from the Desultory Tactical Sesquipedalianism HQ near Tulsa, OK.

David Reeder New Contributor to RECOIL photo

Learn more about David here.

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