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Doroftei Genesis Sights

Doroftei’s patent pending Genesis Sights are a different than other back up sights. While most other back up sights need tools which lock them onto the rifle. The Genesis sights snap into place. This allows them to take a lot more punishment unlike the sights attached with screws or pins. In the case of a hard impact the Genesis sights will separate from the gun before any damage to the sights which can be retrieved and put back on with no loss of zero, according to Doroftei.

  • Multi-caliber Extremely light weight and durable
  • Front & rear co-locate with optics Rear sight can be used with front A-post
  • No adjustment necessary, battle zero
  • No tools needed for installation, snaps onto Picatinny rail. Built in removable tool
  • Securely stores in A2 grip as well as many others
  • 1/3 Co-Locating and Stubby Coming Soon
  • MSRP $19.97

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