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AR Armorer Tools

AR Armorer Tools

All of our armorers agree that wrenching on your own guns is the best way to learn, so here we a have a buyer’s guide of all the armorer tools you need.

Pull Your Own Weight

Few exercises command as much respect as the pull up. It’s a true test of body weight mastery and one of the most functional exercises you can do.

First Look: BLACKHAWK Omnivore

Omnivore is an excellent name for this new retention holster recently introduced by BLACKHAWK! Lets…

Bloody Important – Less is More

Bloody Important is a recurring RECOILweb.com series about the oft-overlooked, occasionally even ignored, medical aspect of the responsible…

Math not Myth: Action v Reaction

8 Questions to Ask Yourself About a Police Shooting. Math not Myth: Action v Reaction. Are you thinking critically and objectively, or blindly taking the word of someone whose income, ratings, or popularity is dependent upon sensational headlines and proclamations?