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Editor’s Letter: Guns, Weed, and States Rights

Here at RECOIL, we’re known for shaking things up a bit … and covering subjects anathema to other gun magazines. Which is why we made the decision this issue to invite Mary Jane to the
party. Just as in editions past where we’ve covered moonshine and tobacco, we’re neither endorsing nor condemning its use, but using it as a way to discuss state’s rights, individual liberty, and government overreach.

Using scare tactics and orchestrated media outrage in order to stampede elected officials into “something must be done” mode is nothing new. Nixon and Reagan did it with the war on drugs, Clinton did it with the war on guns, and Obama tried and failed in the same area of public policy. All of which produced unexpected costs that we, the taxpayers, had to shoulder, as well as unintended consequences that ruined the lives of ordinary citizens.

There’s an interesting parallel between the timelines of “shall issue” CCW permitting and the decriminalization of weed, though the constituents for each are somewhat divergent.

Once the federal government stepped in, grassroots organizations at both the state and national level started pushing back to create
the regulatory checkerboard we see today.

Despite a loosening of regulation at the state level, imbibers of Satan’s cabbage are still open to federal prosecution just like gun owners have to deal with the dissonance between state and federal firearm transport regulations, as well as crap like the Hughes Amendment, gun-free school zones, and arbitrary barrel length requirements — all regulation meant to prevent victimless crimes.

We’re currently seeing a resurgence of interest in legislation promoted by telegenic moppets who, along with useful idiots in the media, are being used to drive a preexisting agenda by well-organized and funded networks. RECOIL will
continue to call them out and highlight their useless, feel-good agenda, through actions such as the Green Mountain Airlift, where we distributed 1,200 MAGPUL 30-round magazines on the steps of Vermont’s capitol building to stand with the state’s law-abiding gun owners and protest new gun control legislation.

We’re still getting hate mail from that event, so I guess we did some good.

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