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Tracking Point Solar Charge Backpack

Tracking Point Solar Charge Backpack

Tracking Point has announced one of their newest innovations from Tracking Point Labs- the Solar…

ATEi trigger work

We’ve talked about ATEi before. Their trigger work, slide modification and other custom work is…

SureFire Peacekeeper Duty Light

Earlier this month SureFire released their new duty light for patrol cops- the P1R Peacekeeper….

Alone and Unafraid

Truth may in fact be stranger than fiction, but sometimes you can’t tell the difference….

Poseurs who teach

Within just the last 24 hours I have been contacted by 3 different reliable sources…

SilencerCo does Oregon

No, it’s not that kind of movie though it’s almost as fun to watch (and…

The FBI looks to go 9mm

As you may have recently heard, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has put out a…