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Georgia’s HB60: Suppressor & Firearms Bill

Military Times Gear Scout reported just a couple days ago on Georgia House Bill 60, described as “one of the most comprehensive gun bills passed by the Georgia legislature.” Daniel Defense is, not surprisingly, heavily involved in backing HB 60 which will among other things:

  • Create a defense for the legal use of deadly force in the face of a violent attack.
  • Remove the restrictions on carrying a firearm with a WCL in churches and bars, leaving this decision to private property owners.
  • Lower the age to obtain a concealed WCL for from 21 to 18 for active duty military, with specific training.
  • Remove fingerprinting for renewal of Weapons Carry Licenses (WCL).
  • Prohibit the state from creating and maintaining a database of WCL holders.

Other backers of the bill include the American Silencer Association and the National Rifle Association. To read more about HB 60, its other provisions hopeful path to law, read the original article on Gear Scout.

This makes us want to see a Thunderdome type brawl between certain Colorado legislators and their counterparts from the “Peach State”.

Georgia State Flag

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