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Griffon Industries: “Ghost Pocket Carry”

Griffon Industries recently posted an interesting video on their Facebook page. It shows a LEO drawing a backup gun from what they call the Ghost – Pocket Carry holster. According to the website, this holster is currently available for Glock 26/27, Glock 42, SA XDs, S&W M&P Shield and Ruger LCP. There isn’t much more available. It appears that resistance for a draw stroke comes from a kydex “spur”, hooking out and up from the end of the barrel and running about 1/3 of the length of the slide. It looks as though this catches as the pistol is drawn, though there may be more to it than that.

Griffon Industries: Ghost Pocket Carry photo

In any case, it might be something of interest to those of you who carry a pocket gun. Order one here. MSRP is $85. They’re available in black, urban grey and coyote brown.

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