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Jerry Miculek shoots a .30 Caliber Magazine Clip (Senator De Leon style)

Here you go. Jerry Miculek, possibly the fastest shooter in the world (and what you might just call an SME on firearms), is going to address Senator Keven De Leon‘s concerns. Remember De Leon’s ‘ghost gun’?

“This right here has ability with a thirty caliber clip to disburse with thirty bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second…”

It is astonishing how someone can know so little and yet be so eager not just to pontificate, but to legislate others into submission. De Leon’s uninformed, pedantic jackassery is not only real, it is representative of a common, ignorant them – in California, in other states, in Washington D.C. The sad truth is, you can be willfully obtuse, even witless, and still be elected. Luckily you can watch and listen to someone like Mr. Miculek and some faith in humanity be restored.

Anyway, thank you Mr. Miculek., and well done. You are a gentleman and a scholar and a credit to our industry.

Here is part of the original press conference. Warning – if you know the slightest bit about firearms, watching this video may dumb you down. In fact, it may actually smooth out all the creases in your brain (though quality time on the range might help you recover).

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