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Issue 05

Christini AWD 300

Persistence and innovation. No two words better describe Christini’s corporate philosophy than these.

2012 Ford SVT Raptor SuperCrew – Bug-Out Dino

When Victor Carrillo was building his ultimate bug-out vehicle, he knew it had to not only be agile on the blacktop and capable of housing his firearms, it also had to be a beast in the dirt.

Fixed Blades – Unusual Suspects

Sheathed blades aren’t always practical as everyday carries, but when SHTF, they’re arguably the most reliable type of knife to have.

Preview – The Long And Short Of It

Desert Tactical Arms’ Second-Generation Multiple-Caliber Precision Rifle Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) is a relative newcomer…

Preview – Pyro Technique

Putting Together and Using a Basic Fire-Making Kit As our lives become more adapted to…

Preview – Caracal F

The Cat Comes Out To Play What is a Caracal? It’s a desert cat. What…

Preview – Light Rail

The Latest in Free-Float Handguards In a world where ounces equal pounds and pounds equal…

Preview – Cat Shit One

Computer-Generated Imagery as Tactical Drama Packy and Botasky are a classic cinematic duo. One’s a steely,…

Preview – Grab and Go

Building a Go Bag on a Budget Assembled and debated under many guises and many…