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2012 Ford SVT Raptor SuperCrew – Bug-Out Dino

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Daily Driver, Off-Road Rig, or GTFO Vehicle, This Ford Raptor can Morph into them All

Photos by Henry Z. De Kuyper

Having lived through the chaos of the 1992 Los Angeles riots and been taught to respect and appreciate guns since grade school, Victor Carrillo knows firsthand the importance of having a firearm and a vehicle that can help him GTFO of any situation as quickly and safely as possible. And now that he works in downtown L.A. just blocks from Skid Row, he's always prepared for any threat lurking in the concrete jungles of Southern California.

But, he's also a lifelong off-road enthusiast. He has pounded out thousands of backcountry miles on dirt bikes, four-wheelers, buggies, and trucks all over North America. So, when he was building his ultimate bug-out vehicle, Carrillo knew it had to not only be agile on the blacktop and capable of securely housing his firearms, it also had to be a beast in the dirt.

Enter his 2012 Ford SVT Raptor SuperCrew.

It's a true hybrid project truck — not a mix of electric and gasoline but rather of a reliable daily driver and an aggressive off-road rig that can also pack all manner of tools, gear, supplies, ammo, and weapons.

In fact, his Raptor is so competent in the dirt that Carrillo runs it as a support truck for Pete's Camp Racing and driver Rafael Navarro IV in the SCORE International races in Baja, Mexico. Even in stock form, the Raptor is born off-road ready thanks to the burly 6.2L V-8 engine, 35-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, and a gnarly Fox Racing Shox suspension system. So, Carrillo didn't have to tinker, only customize to his personal preferences.

To help turn his design ideas into reality, he teamed up with TruckVault, a leading manufacturer of secure vehicle storage solutions out of Washington state, and TAG Motorsports, an aftermarket shop in Escondido, California, known for taking stock vehicles of any sort and transforming them into performance machines.

Along with installing all of the other parts on the Raptor, TAG Motorsports mounted a K&N air-intake system and MagnaFlow performance exhaust for more power and a louder roar. The shop also mated a set of 17-inch Method Race Wheels to the All-Terrains for the best balance between traction and durability.

The Stealth Front Bumper from Addictive Desert Designs provides additional armor protection against rocky terrain, road hazards, and zombie hordes. It has an integrated Vision X 42-inch LED lightbar to supply extra illumination in places far from city streetlamps. And Carrillo can get to those remote landscapes using the Lowrance Elite-5m Baja Chartplotter, a state-of-the-art navigation unit that has an easy-to-use color display, backed by precision GPS and wide-area-augmentation-system technology.

The Lowrance unit is essential during the Baja 1000 and other competitions, where the Raptor becomes a pit stop on wheels for racers like Navarro. Carrillo's Viair Heavy Duty Onboard Air System can inflate tires at a moment's notice. Also, hidden neatly behind the bumper is a 10,500-pound-rated Recon winch with 88 feet of synthetic rope, which lets Carrillo recover vehicles stuck in ditches, on rocks, or in otherwise undriveable positions. Underneath the Extang Encore bed cover, you'll find TruckVault's two-drawer secure storage system, which conveniently houses almost every tool and piece of equipment Carrillo needs to help make quick repairs.

Plus, true to his aim of making the Raptor a hybrid animal, Carrillo can use the TruckVault drawers as gun safes, storing all of his firearms, which include a pair of customized ARs and a Glock 17.

The Raptor can be a rolling arsenal that has proper street manners, yet it can jump off the pavement and literally head for the hills at the first sign of a walking-dead outbreak. Whether it's commuting to work, supporting a run in the Baja 1000, or revving it in bug-out mode, Carrillo can rely on his Raptor to adapt to any situation he finds himself in.

Finding the right wheel-and-tire combo is as important as pairing the best optic to your rifle. It can mean the difference between mission accomplished and utter failure. These 17-inch Method Race Wheels are light yet strong and, when paired with the Raptor's standard BFGoodrich All-Terrains, help deliver both a comfortable ride on paved streets and a championship-level run in the desert. If needed, they can even keep this Raptor nimble on trails or rocks.
Make: Method Race Wheels
Model: The Standard Matte Black 301
MSRP: $212 (each)

There's a good reason Carrillo never swapped out the stock BFGoodrich rubber that came with his Raptor: They're among the best in the industry for overall performance. These All-Terrains provide a comfortable ride on asphalt, give the Raptor claws in the dirt, and even offer traction for rockcrawling.
Make: BFGoodrich
Model: 35-inch All-Terrain T/A KO
MSRP: N/A (factory equipment with Raptor)


Front Bumper
Addictive Desert Designs' Stealth Front Bumper provides protection for the Raptor's snout with sturdy 0.120-inch-wall tubing, laser-cut skidplates, and fully boxed-in frame horns. This bumper also has an integrated lightbar and winch.
Make: Addictive Desert Designs
Model: Stealth Front Bumper
MSRP: $1,900

When you're hauling ass out in the sticks or just need a little extra visibility down a dark alley, you can never go wrong with LED bulbs. That's why Carrillo's front bumper has the 42-inch Xmitter LED Light Bar. It's ultra-bright and energy efficient — no wonder U.S. Homeland Security and NASA also reportedly use this lightbar.
Make: Vision X
Model: 42-inch Xmitter LED Light Bar
MSRP: $1,299


How can you bug out if you get stuck in a little bit of sand, rock, or mud? This Raptor can self-recover and extricate other vehicles with its 10,500-pound-rated winch from Recon.
Make: Recon
Model: 10,500LB Pro Performance Series
MSRP: $700


Air Intake
The K&N 77-Series High-Flow Performance Air-Intake System lets this Raptor breathe as easily as possible, increasing horsepower and ensuring only clean oxygen makes it to the engine.
Make: K&N
Model: 77-Series High-Flow Performance Air Intake
MSRP: $578

Compressed Air
The Viair Heavy Duty Onboard Compressor System allows this Raptor's tire pressure to always be optimized for whatever terrain it'll grind through. Plus, this system lets you run pneumatic tools for in-the-field repairs.
Make: Viair
Model: Heavy Duty Onboard Compressor System
MSRP: $370


The MagnaFlow Performance Stainless Exhaust System is tough enough to survive the rigors of Baja racing, while giving this Raptor a vicious-sounding roar on the streets to match its aggressive off-road performance.
Make: MagnaFlow
Model: Performance Stainless Exhaust System
MSRP: $915


If you're gonna bug out, you're gonna have to know where to bug out to. What's the safest route? The fastest? The Lowrance Elite-5m Baja Chartplotter has this Raptor on the right path, whether beaten or clear. It features a one-handed keypad design, 5-inch high-detail color display, built-in memory for as many as 3,000 waypoints, and precision GPS and wide-area-augmentation-system technology.
Make: Lowrance
Model: Elite-5m Baja Chartplotter
MSRP: $499


Weapons/Tool Storage
TruckVault's two-drawer storage system allows this Raptor to be a mobile mechanic's garage when it runs as a support truck in SCORE Baja races or to be a rolling arsenal when the SHTF. The long, lockable compartments mean it can house both tire jacks and scoped rifles, safely and securely.
Make: TruckVault
Model: Standard Two-Drawer Vault
MSRP: Starting at $2,335

With the Extang Encore cover installed, nosey passersby on the street or hungry predators in the backcountry won't have a clue that there's a treasure trove of supplies, tools, weapons, and ammo securely stored in the Raptor's bed. It's sealed for weather protection, has a patented SecureShut locking system, and has an easy-to-use three-panel design that allows for access in the front or the rear.
Make: Extang
Model: Encore
MSRP: $889

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