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Preview – Cat Shit One

Computer-Generated Imagery as Tactical Drama

Packy and Botasky are a classic cinematic duo. One’s a steely, special-ops veteran and the other’s an ambitious rookie. They’re rabbits liberating hostages from a desert compound where terrorist camels are hiding out. Cat Shit One is a mesmerizingly realistic, computer-generated imagery (CGI) ode to tactical drama. A version dubbed in English was released on YouTube in 2010, and the online anime is now available on DVD and Blu-ray at

Details were honed by advisor Tomoyuki Hasegawa, who informed director (and gun freak) Kazuya Sasahara on everything from proper grenade handling to how the rescuers maneuver and use cover. Packy’s weapons of choice are a KAC SR-47 and a custom STI Edge strike pistol, while Botasky uses a suppressed M14 EBR decked out with an IR laser and a magnified optic with mil-dot reticle.

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