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Preview – Shotgun Shuffle

Preview – Shotgun Shuffle

Salient Arms International Beefs up the Mossberg 930 Ever since the days of the blunderbuss…

Preview – Flash Then Bang

Flashlight Techniques With a Handgun Your pistol’s loaded with hollow points, ready to go at…

Preview – Marching Orders

Waterproof Boots Buyer’s Guide As any hiker, camper, soldier, or survivalist can tell you, keeping…

Preview – Fully Loaded

Griffon Industries G19 Glock pistols are easily among the top two or three most customizable…

Going Hot

Model: Jenny Milstead Photographer: Jorge Nunez Gun: Kriss Vector SDP, EOTech XPS 2-0

Going Hot

Springfield MC Operator 1911 SureFire X300 Weapons Light Wilson Combat 10-Round Magazine

Preview – Noob Tube

The newest single-shot grenade launcher in the U.S. Army’s arsenal, the HK M320, fires low-velocity 40x46mm projectiles such as HE (High-Explosive); AP (Armor-Piercing); and…

Preview – DIY Gun Porn

What would the internet be without some decent gun porn? Most of us have been there before, searching the forums, trying to quench our insatiable appetite for good quality…