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RECOIL Issue #25

RECOIL Issue #25

RECOIL’s triumphant badassery marches ever onward with the launch of issue 25, featuring our nod…

PTSD Defined, Part 1

When the trauma is great enough … the mind never forgets. Not all wounds are visible.

Automatic Knives Buyers Guide

Who doesn’t like automation? Technology has given us ATMs, motion-sensor doors, and belt-felt full-auto M240 Bravos. Naturally, we love automatic knives, too.

Erica Nagashima – Going Hot

Check out Erica Nagashima,Kriss Vector GEN II CRB and Sphinx SDP Compact Alpine in this edition of Going Hot.


The third issue of CONCEALMENT is now on sale and we don’t shy away from…

RECOIL Issue #24

RECOIL issue 24 has just hit the newsstands, so if you feel like perusing articles…

RECOIL Issue #23

RECOIL issue 23 is now on sale. We’ve crushed it. Other magazines are driven before…

Back-up Iron Sights Buyer’s Guide

Back-up sights. For every guy who tells us they aren’t needed, there’s somebody else who tells us about the time their brother’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s optic took a bullet and he was forced to use his flip-up sights.


The second issue of our groundbreaking concealed carry magazine, CONCEALMENT 2 is now on the…

RECOIL Issue #22

RECOIL issue 22 is now on sale, and to get you in the mood for…