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THQ’s the Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Short Film

The setting: Moscow 2013. What seemed like an average day ends up taking an unlikely grim turn as the streets of Moscow are filled with panic. The only hope for survival is to escape to the Moscow Metro.

As the alarms sound and the people are fear stricken running down the streets, the vaults are being opened to the Metro. It had been long forgotten as the Cold War thawed and the fear of a nuclear annihilation seemed to fade. Built through the monumental feat of Soviet engineering for this exact purpose, only one baby boy named Artyom is taken in to survive the tragedy that is about to occur.

THQ brings to you the Metro:Last Light – Enter the Metro Short Film. Now its your turn, 20 years later. With no clue as to what is left, if anything, above ground. Leaving the tunnels of the Metro, you enter onto the streets of Moscow in this post apocalypse first person shooter, with little idea of what is truly out there.

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