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New JR10s from Duane Dwyer

Duane Dwyer (Strider Knives, Dwyer Custom) is working on a some models of the JR10. Above left is the Model 03 with Chad Nichols Damascus blade (58.5HRC) and Steve Kelly Ti hardware. The handles are machined 6AI4V that have been thermally transformed from gold to brown to purple to blue. On the right you’ll see experimental model 04. Its blade is Carpenter Micromelt PD#1 (61.5HRC) with 6AI4V machined handles also thermally transformed, this time to gold and brown.

New JR10s from Duane Dwyer photo

Below you see Mr. Randy White (former Dallas Cowboys and practicing martial artist) with the experimental JR 01.

New JR10s from Duane Dwyer photo

New JR10s from Duane Dwyer photoA look earlier on:

New JR10s from Duane Dwyer photo

For more information about Dwyer and Strider Knives, go to their website at http://www.striderknives.com/ . There is also a Facebook group on line here and of course Monkey Edge is usually up to speed on whatever is going on at Strider Knife HQ. You might also be interested to know Mrs. Dwyer is quite the custom knife maker too. You can read about her work here.

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