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On Target: BHI’s “Ultimate Assailant”

Blackheart International of West Virginia has a line of targets they call the “Ultimate Assailant”. They’re designed to present a threat to the shooter in as realistic a way as possible in a two-dimensional medium. Using shadow, contrast and positioning (the subjects are all in some form of realistic pose one might encounter during an attack) they make it challenging to locate and engage the target’s kill zones. The end goal is to make it far more difficult to acquire a sight picture and deliver a lethal shot than is the norm with a conventional silhouette target. Targets are black and white and include male and females suspects, a dual threat target and a hostage target.

There are currently sixteen target-environment scenarios in the series. Each target measures 23 x 35″ and each $15 pack comes with 25 targets. Purchase them on line at the Blackheart International web store.

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